A Vendor Profile is a Permanent Web Presence for Your Business

A Sample Aide Profile

Your profile has value beyond a broker’s network.

We created OwnerAide Vendor Profiles for more than just the private use of agents and brokers. Remember, your Aide profile is a public web property that you can use in any way you see fit.  It’s a permanent presence for your personal brand.

A strong Aide profile includes photos of past work, numerous testimonials, and detailed contact information.

Share your network page through other platforms

Having all that information in one place has many advantages. If you do not already have a personal web site, your Aide profile works perfectly. And any visitor can use the “Request a Quote” and “Message” features, not just network owners. Drive potential clients to your page by linking to it on other, less dynamic platforms. Below, see how an Aide links to his page via The Yellow Pages.

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