5 Social Posts For Independence Day

With barbecues, fireworks and good friends, the fourth of July is always a time for celebration! Use these free social media posts (and free images) to engage your clients leading up to the big holiday weekend.

When you use these posts, be sure to include a link to your Home Pro Network!

Don’t spend the weekend updating your home when you should be celebrating! Check out my list of home professionals and have them get the job done faster and better.

fourth of july blog pic (1)


Spending the holiday weekend working on your house? I have a list of great local home professionals who can get the work done faster than you can recite the Declaration of Independence!
celebrate the fourth


Stars and stripes are always a good look, but maybe not what you had in mind for your house. Need a painter? Check out my list of some of the best Home Pros in the area. (link to your network)

flag house


It’s 2016, but does your home look like it’s stuck in 1776? My local Home Pros can give your home a revolutionary new look!

happy 4th

If your home has issues that make you so mad you want to throw tea into the Boston Harbor, just look at my helpful list of Home Pros to get the problems fixed in no time!

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