5 Free Real Estate Social Media Posts for Back to School

It’s every parent’s favorite time of the year and every student’s least. Because activities around the home change, it’s an opportunity to connect with your past and present clients.┬áStay top of mind by posting these social posts and photos to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages!

To use these posts, simply download the image and upload it to your facebook or copy and paste the text. Make sure you include a link to your network!


new backpack post

New shoes, new backpack, new addition to your home. Give your home a refresh for the new school year, reach out to a contractor from My Home Pro Network. [Link to your Network]


new school year new problems

New school year can also mean new problems for your home. Have an issue that needs to be fixed before the first day? Connect with one of my great local Home Pros! [Link to your Network]


school picture day

School picture day is stressful. Getting repairs done around your home shouldn’t be. My Home Pros can do everything from plumbing to electric work to just general fixes around the house! [Link to your Network]


moldy apple (2)

No teacher likes a moldy apple, just like no homeowner likes a moldy basement. Need mold remediation? Contact one of the Mold Remediation Specialists on My Home Pro Network! [Link to your Network]


leaves falling

Summer’s coming to an end sooner than you think! If you still need last minute Summer upgrades before the first leaves fall off the tree contact one of my local Home Pros! (Link to your Network)


first day (1)

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