5 Ways to Show off a Neighborhood

A neighborhood is often as important as the house itself. Basic knowledge like education data, crime rate, and tax and zoning information are par for the course.

Top agents, though, leverage local businesses to demonstrate the intangible qualities that make a neighborhood so appealing. Below are five tips to help you make clients fall in love with more than the home.

Hosting an Open House or event on the same day as a Farmer's Market can encourage potential buyers to stop by and check out some of the great things a neighborhood has to offer.
Encourage potential buyers to stop by fairs or markets to see what a neighborhood has to offer.

1. Schedule Open Houses on the same days as local events.

As people drive through the area, seeing a bustling farmers market or community craft fair will definitely make them want to stick around for more than just a day. You can even suggest Open House visitors to stop by the events before they head home.

2. Use the social media content of local businesses to promote the area.

Agents often feel pressure to create original social media content. But often the best content comes from others! Share events and pictures of popular places to grab a bite or go shopping. Like and comment on photos of local Facebook friends when they’re enjoying a neighborhood in which you sell. If your sphere sees that you–or your past clients–have fallen in love with the neighborhood, they’re likely to do the same. The best part? You don’t have to come up with it yourself.

3. Integrate neighborhood businesses into your everyday marketing activities.

If you’re hosting an event or an Open House, hire a local bakery or restaurant supply the food. Local print shops can design and print promotional materials for you, and florists or local craftsmen can be the source of thoughtful closing gifts. Be sure to include information about where¬†the items are from and make sure to note that it’s a neighborhood business!

4. Hold meetings at local hot spots

Hosting meetings at local hot spots can bring your clients directly to some of the best neighborhood amenities.
Hosting meetings at local hot spots can bring your clients directly to some of the best neighborhood amenities.

Meeting up with clients to discuss the home? Instead of hosting the meeting in your office, consider holding at a neighborhood coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or juice bar. Being in a casual environment will make them feel comfortable, and a good meal or cup of coffee associates your own business with a positive experience..

5. Become involved in the community.

It’s one thing to talk about your love for a neighborhood, but it’s another to actually be involved in it. Build relationships with local professionals, attend community events and meetings, and volunteer with your favorite local charities.

Become a neighborhood expert by getting involved locally and build meaningful relationships within your community.

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