Why You Need to Add Snapchat to Your Skillset (And How You Can Do It!)

You’ve mastered Facebook, you succeed on Twitter and your Instagram game is strong. In a world dominated by social media, it would appear that you’re at the top of your game, but have you mastered the art of Snapchat?

One of the most used apps with 150 million users each day, Snapchat is the dominant social media platform for users young and old. Users can send photos or videos that expire in 10 seconds or less to their friends or they can upload as many photos and videos as they want to their “story,” which expires after 24 hours.

Why use Snapchat?

It’s easy to set up an account for yourself or your team, and you can use it daily to show off homes you’re visiting, places around your neighborhood or what goes on behind the scenes in your office.

Unlike Facebook, you can keep the content fun and light. You also don’t have to worry about paying for ads or gaining likes. Everyone who follows you on Snapchat will see your story! (as long as they click on it).

It’s much simpler than other forms of social media marketing, you can make a post in seconds without worrying about scheduling and hashtags. Simply take the photo, add a filter (or two), add a caption if you wish and add to your story.

It’s straightforward and simple to use, and there are plenty of hacks that allow you to get the most out of the app!

How exactly can you win at Snapchat?

Take advantage of Snapchat's built in filters and have fun posting selfies and pictures of coworkers!
Take advantage of Snapchat’s built in filters and have fun posting selfies and pictures of coworkers!

Be Authentic

Pretend that your story is being seen by your good friends. You don’t need to put on a persona to engage your followers. Snapchat is primarily for entertainment purposes, and your fans will not appreciate a sales pitch every time they go on the app.

Don’t treat it like a marketing tool, treat it like an engagement platform. If you’re naturally silly, let that shine. Give home tours in the style of MTV Cribs. Do a parody of The Office with your team in your office. Have fun with Snapchat filters!

Be Professional

Everyone loves a good joke, just make sure that what you’re posting is safe for work. Don’t post digs at homes you’re looking at. Bashing the carpet of the living room you’re looking at won’t go over well with everyone. Keep from cursing or saying anything you wouldn’t want your colleagues or clients to hear. If you choose to share your account with other agents or employees in the office make sure that you have a set of rules or standards they need to abide by! You don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation because of a snap that never should’ve been sent.

Be Creative

Snapchat is for more than just posting photos and videos. Take advantage of the Snapchat Geofilters for Open Houses and other events. Print out your “SnapCode” and place it in a frame in your office or at an Open House. Don’t feel boxed in and only post real estate related content, your followers will loving seeing a snippet of your personality or other things you’re passionate about.

Place your Snapchat "Snap Code" in a frame at an Open House
Place your Snapchat “Snap Code” in a frame at an Open House

Design a Geofilter

Creating a custom Snapchat filter may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools you can add a fun and professional edge to your marketing skillset!

Use free software like Canva or Google Drawings to create your design or use a service like Pepper Filter to purchase a premade template for a small fee.

Some important things to remember when you’re designing a filter:

  • 1080px by 1920px is the required pixel size for the filter (Under 300KB in size)
  • The file must be saved and uploaded as a .png file with a transparent background
  • Your design can’t cover up the majority of the screen, most users won’t use the filter if it covers most of what they’re trying to share a photo of.
  • You can’t include hashtags, websites or social media handles BUT you can include your business name and logo.
  • Make sure the filter looks good on both dark and light backgrounds.

To submit a Geofilter design go on the Snapchat site to follow their submission instructions.

To get started, simply go to the App Store and download the app! Happy snapping!

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