How to Add a Home Pro to Your Network

A Network is only is valuable as its members. Adding Home Pros is simple and easy, and it’s an essential step to effectively using My Home Pro Network. Here’s how to Add a Pro:

1. Log-in to My Home Pro Network. Click the “Agent” menu in the top right corner and enter your username and password.


2. Click the blue “Add Home Pro Button.” You’ll find it at the top of your network list.

3. Fill in the basic information of your favorite Home Pro. They’ll be able to edit this later if necessary. Don’t forget to add a photo by clicking the grey camera on the right.

4. Click the “Add Home Pro” button to confirm. We’ll send an automatic e-mail to your Home Pro letting them know, and include log-in link so they can edit their profile.

5. Add another Home Pro! We want your network to be as useful as possible. Now you can have the Home Pros you need anytime, anywhere.

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