5 Home Pros to Share this Fall

As the seasons change, so do your clients’ needs around the home. Engage your clients by making sure they’ve got the help they need! Add these 5 Home Pros to your Home Pro Network today.

Raccoon Chimney Real Estate

  1. Pest Control Specialist

    People spend more time inside than out as the weather cools down, and so too do wild animals. Mice, raccoons, skunks, and reptiles may seek the same shelter as your clients. As Modern Pest Services in Maine tells us, they may be cute, but they can damage property and spread disease. A pest control specialist can help inspect for critters, remove them humanely, and offer preventative solutions for the future.

  2. Heating Professional

    As summer winds down, windows will be cracked open through October. When the cold weather hits, though, many homeowners turn on the heat until April. Heating comes in many varieties—from wood pellets to propane to gas to electric—so make sure you have the right person for each of your clients. Whether for emergency routine inspections or emergency repairs, your references will help your clients get through the winter!

  3. Landscaper

    Fall got its name for a reason! And as leaves across the country fall onto the yards of homeowners, many homeowners struggle to keep up. A professional landscaping crew can save a lot of time and shoulder muscles. Many landscapers also offer preventative tree trimming and winterizing of shrubs and gardens.

  4. Gutters clogged

  5. Gutter Cleaning

    Clogged gutters are a disaster waiting to happen. If water collects in the gutters without properly draining, the weight could tear the gutters down. If that water is allowed to freeze, then the problem could be worse—as the ice expands it may damage the gutters beyond repair! Gutter services often offer power-washing and roof cleaning as well, so make sure you have one to share with your clients!

  6. Chimney Sweep

    Speaking of disasters waiting to happen: A clogged or untreated flue can literally burn a house down. Make sure that your clients have their chimneys inspected and cleaned—especially new homeowners who are using a fireplace for the first time. Sharing a reliable chimney sweep, like A Merrie Sweep in Portsmouth, NH, from your Home Pro Network is the best way to help!

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