Relationship Management is a Key to Real Estate Sales

Relationship Management—the way in which a businessperson maintains, develops, and expands relationships—emerged as a marketing strategy for the new enterprise sales model that emerged in the 1980s.

Relationship marketing in real estate

Theodore Levitt, a Professor at the Harvard Business School, outlined the how these strategies can be applied in his article published by the Harvard Business Journal over 30 years ago. But he wasn’t writing for real estate agents.

We’ve applied the article to real estate marketing. Our interpretation may change the way you think! You can read our full column on (It’s behind a paywall.)

Here are our major take-aways:

  • Just like enterprise software, or aerospace components, or manufacturing materials, homes are significant purchases intended for decades of use and to generate a return on investment. Your clients should be treated with the same care, respect, and ongoing attention.
  • A relationship truly begins at the close of the sale. From that point on the relationship should grow and strengthen, not diminish,
  • No client is ever truly satisfied. If they don’t complain to you, it means they think you’re unable to solve a problem.
  • In marketing, actions come last. Take measure of your needs, resources, and audience before making any investment.

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