3 More Free Fall Social Media Posts

As September comes to an end and fall is in full swing, your clients need new, engaging content.

Use these free social media posts to drive engagement on Social Media this fall!

Click on each picture to download them, and copy and paste the text for each caption!

clean out gutters

Caption: Did you know: cleaning out your gutters regularly can prevent leaking, mold, and other frustrating problems!

chimney post

Caption: Getting your chimney cleaned not only makes your fireplace more efficient, it can also help prevent a house fire! Make sure you reach out to a chimney sweep before you cozy up next to the fireplace.

haunted host social post

Caption: Feeling a draft that chills you to the bone might mean you live in a haunted house OR it might mean you have some cracks that need caulking. Check your windows and doors before you get the chills.

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