5 One-Day DIY Projects Every New Homeowner Should Do

When most people move into a new home, there are changes they want to make. Sometimes they’re big projects, such as remodeling a bathroom, replacing appliances or adding new flooring, but sometimes a short day or weekend project can be exactly what a house needs to make it feel like home. 

Paint the front door

tumblr_inline_mrw38mgHVh1qz4rgpEven if the home already has great curb appeal, changing the color of the front door is a simple way to add a personal touch to the home. Choosing a bold color like red or yellow is great for drawing attention, and changing up the hardware or adding a door knocker can make an outdated entrance look brand new. Homeowners can even download an app to see what colors look best before grabbing a paintbrush.

Original_DIY-Tile-S3-Dry-Placement-0025_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.822Update the Backsplash (And Fixtures) in the Kitchen

Use peel and stick tiles on a blank wall to add depth to the kitchen countertops or paint outdated tile to breathe new life into an outdated kitchen. Hate the brass-colored faucets that came with the house? Install new fixtures on an older sink to give it an inexpensive facelift.

Paint Appliancesrefrigerator1

This won’t work for ovens or stoves, but outdated dishwashers and refrigerators can get a facelift from a coat of paint or washi tape. Use silver or other metallic paint for a classy modern look, or chalkboard paint for a fun way to keep your grocery lists and favorite quotes at the center of your kitchen.

Add a Feature Wall (or Ceiling)

IMG_2973Use a bold color to highlight a wall in the living room or bedroom, or paint the ceiling to make the room seem larger. Homeowners can even build a pallet wall to use in lieu of a headboard or add depth and texture to a mudroom or bathroom. Nervous about wielding a paintbrush in a larger space? Contact a local painter to get it done.

Increase Your Curb Appealbefore_and_after_shutters1

Beyond just painting the front door, small changes like adding fake shutters, window boxes, or proudly displaying the number of your new home front and center can all be easy ways to put a personal stamp on the house before you even walk in the front door.

While some projects are easy enough to DIY, larger, more involved upgrades should be done by a qualified local professional. Not sure who to hire? Ask your Real Estate Agent for recommendations. 


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