E-Mail Template: Happy Halloween!

Don’t ghost on your clients this Halloween. Stay top of mind with this spooky email! 


Hi ______!


Hope you’re enjoying your October! As Halloween gets closer, you may run into some spooky characters around your neighborhood. Make sure your house isn’t giving anyone the creeps by contacting my trusted home professionals this month!

Make sure your home is free of creepy crawlers by calling one of my recommended exterminators.

Have black mold that would scare away even the most frightening swamp creatures? I have mold remediation specialists that will make it disappear.

If you get the chills every time you walk through your home, it may be a draft or broken heater! Reach out to an HVAC specialist and have them take a look.

If you ever need home renovations or repairs, let me know! I have a great network of local home professionals I would love to share with you. Please click this link to access it! [link to your network].

Know somebody looking to buy or sell their home? Be sure to send them my way!


[Your Name and Contact Information]

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