Email Template: Happy Thanksgiving!

Use this free Thanksgiving email template to add value to clients and engage your sphere. Copy and paste the text below into an email draft and become the go-to local resource for all things home. Make sure to include a link to your Home Pro Network!


Hi ______!

I hope you’re doing well! This time of year is always exciting, and I hope you’re enjoying spending time with family and friends getting ready for the holidays! I wanted to reach out and see if you needed any helping getting work done around your home during this time.

I have created a Home Pro Network so you know who to call for just about anything! My Home Pro Network contains local home professionals I know and trust. I have service providers in my Network who specialize in the following:

Gutter Cleaning
Tree Removal/Trimming

You can see My Home Pro Network by clicking here: [Insert Link] If you reach out, be sure to mention my name!

I hope that you can share My Home Pro Network with family and friends, and don’t hesitate to suggest new local professionals! And of course, please think of me if you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling a home.


Your Name and Contact Information]

Download this template as a PDF!

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