Engage Local Professionals with this Proven Email Template!

Use this free real email template to grow your Home Pro Network. Copy and paste the text below into an email draft. Make sure to include a link to your Home Pro Network, and you’ll engage local professionals today!

Engaging Local Professionals: Offer to Connect!

Hi ______,

I’m writing to let you know about a new service I’ve created for my clients and friends: My Home Pro Network!

My Home Pro Network makes it easy for you to find local service providers. These are the people I know and trust, from attorneys to yard maintenance and everything in between.

I want to be sure my network has everyone you need to enjoy years of homeownership. So I’m asking around for suggestions. Do you know any trustworthy pros who would like to connect with local homeowners?

If so, please send me an email with their name and contact info. I’d love to reach out see if they’d be a good fit!

You can see My Home Pro Network by clicking here: [Insert Link]. If you reach out, be sure to mention my name!


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Download this template as a PDF!

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