Script: Introduce Yourself to Local Home Pros

Strong professional relationships are at the center of a thriving real estate business. Often those relationships are developed over years of mutual support. But they all begin with an introduction. Use this phone script to introduce yourself to local home professionals.

Hi {Home Pro Name},

My name is {Your Name}, and I’m a local real estate agent. My clients often ask me to refer a local {Plumber/Roofer/Lawyer}, but I’m often at a loss for whose name to give!

I’ve heard you do great work in the area, and I’d love to learn more about your services. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee later this week?

You would? Great! I’m excited to see how we can support one another’s business. I’m going to add you to My Home Pro Network now!

This script can be amended to fit your needs. It also works best when you have a Home Pro Network to back it up! Click here to create your own Home Pro Network for free!
Download this script as a PDF!

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