25 Home Pros Every Real Estate Agent Needs

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Twenty-five Home Pros You Need

Add Home Pros. Add Value.

A Home Pro Network is only as valuable as its members. Home Pros such as lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors create a good base, but to better support your clients, add other point-of-sale professionals.

These pros include sales and marketing support, environmental specialists, and a reliable home improvement team. Strong relationships with the professionals ensures that every listing is ready for sale and every closing goes smoothly.

Follow this guide to grow your network to 25 Home Pros:

Transaction Service Providers

  • 3 Mortgage Brokers or Loan Officers
  • 3 Attorneys
  • 3 Home Inspectors
  • 3 Homeowners Insurance Providers

Transaction Service Providers make a sale happen. Every agent understands the importance of lenders, lawyers, inspectors, and insurance providers. More important, though, is that you give your client options when choosing a professional. Sharing multiple transaction service providers ensures that you are compliant with federal regulations and guidance.

Sales and Marketing Support

  • 1 Stager
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Cleaning Service

While a classified ad in the newspaper may help, selling a home takes a bit more effort. A stager helps magnify the home’s charm and features while helping buyers envision a life inside. Your photographer is essential for marketing, especially on social media. And a cleaning service will ensure that the home is ready for showings and open houses.

Environmental Team

  • 1 Mold Removal Specialist
  • 1 Radon Mitigation Specialist
  • 1 Asbestos Abatement Specialist

The environmental team may not be needed on every transaction, but they can make or break a deal. Make sure that environmental concerns are handled promptly and professionally by adding these three pros to your network now.

Home Improvement Team

  • 1 Painter
  • 1 Landscaper
  • 1 Electrician
  • 1 Plumber
  • 1 General Contractor

Your home improvement team is there for both buyers and sellers. Dated basement? Call in the painter to spruce it up. Front yard less than appealing? Bring on the landscaper. For sellers, a small investment can lead to a higher asking price. And buyers will move in with a list of desired improvements and upgrades.


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