How Ice Dams Affect Homebuying and Homeselling

Ice dams can affect homeselling

If you’re planning on buying or selling a home this winter, then a few icicles probably aren’t at the top of your mind. But ice dams, which are often the cause of icicles, can affect the homebuying and homeselling process. Read this article to understand how ice dams affect buying and selling a home.

Homes with Ice Dams: What to Look for When Buying

Ice dams damage roofs and destroy gutters. Leaks can damage underlying structures, such as framing and insulation. When buying a home, be on the look out for the following:

1) A visible line of uneven wear on the roof
If the roof shows a line of discoloration or wear a foot or two from the bottom edge, it may be a sign of problems with ice dams. Areas affected by ice dams will wear faster than the rest of the roof.

2) Damaged Gutters
Chances are the homeseller has replaced a gutter thats been completely ripped off. But if the gutter appears strained as if pulled downward, or if it is bent in some places but not others, may regularly support the heavy weight of icicles and snow.

3) Icicles
This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but don’t let the sparkles fool you. If viewing a home in the winter, pay attention to whether icicles have formed along the eaves of a home, how big they are, and where along the roof they form. Ask the homeseller whether they’ve had issues with ice dams, and what’s been done about them in the past.

4) Water damage to the exterior: Ice dams cause water to drip down the face of a house. Uneven weathering on siding or evidence of pooled water by the foundation may show recurring ice dam issues. Ice dams can even damage basements!

Homes with Ice Dams: What to Do When Selling

As a Homeseller, be aware of how ice dams may affect your home’s value. If you’re aware of the issue and have kept on top of it, then you shouldn’t face much of a problem. Nevertheless, buyers may have questions and concerns.

1) Take Steps to Prevent Ice Dams
Buyers may want to know whether ice dams are an issue. If the roof needs to be re-insulated, get it done. If you installed heated cable, let the buyer know whether you’ll be leaving it in place.

2) Remove any Ice Dams Before a Showing
If your house is on the market, make sure that no ice dams are present. Hire a professional ice dam servicing company to make sure that they’re kept at bay. When you sell the home, feel free to pass on the recommendation.

3) Consider Repairs and Maintenance
If ice dams have caused damage to your home, consider repairing it before trying to sell. Damaged roofs and leaks are among the biggest turn-offs for prospective buyers. Get the work done now, before the house hits the market.

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