3 SEO Ideas for Real Estate Agents

SEO Ideas for Real Estate Agents

SEO is a Big Part of Inbound Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the technique of designing websites to rank highly on search engines. Because web users rarely look beyond the first page of search engine results, a well-optimized site will attract many more visitors than one on page two or three.

For real estate agents, that means creating content that attracts potential clients. But as I’ve written about before, most real estate agent inbound marketing focuses bottom of the funnel. It’s time to think outside the box!.

Consider the terms many agents target:

  • “Boston Real Estate Agent”
  • “Best Agent in South Florida”
  • Louisville Homes for Sale
  • All good ideas, but these terms only target browsers who already decided to buy or sell a home. What about everyone else?

    Good Real Estate Agent SEO must focus on the upper reaches of the funnel as well. And that means thinking outside the transaction. You must ask yourself what potential clients are looking for—those who might be six months to a year away from hiring an agent—and build from there. Here are 3 SEO ideas for real estate agents:

    1)Create a Website titled for “Moving to [Your Community]”

    Many homebuyers explore various communities before they make a decision. They consider the difficulties and advantages to moving to each one. Create a website at the URL “MovingtoMayberry.com” “MovingtoSpringfield.com” that answer the questions they have. Make sure to include links to relevant resources, such as schools and housing data. Create multiple pages for the areas you serve and own the market!

    2)Practice Content Aggregation for Local Businesses

    When potential clients consider a community, they want to imagine their leisure time, too. Terms like “Restaurants in Raleigh” or “Movie Theaters in Madison County” are frequently searched. To rank for these terms, create posts that gather together the names of local businesses with links to their main page. You can also write brief reviews to demonstrate your local expertise. Best of all, pages like these attract residents as well. It’s great way to establish yourself as a community resource.

    3)Regularly Post School News and Data to Your Blog.

    An important part of SEO is the general relevance of your website, not simply the relevance of an individual page. Because schools are one of the most important factors homebuyers consider when moving to a community, agents who provide that information attract the attention of potential buyers. Information such as test performance, sports scores,

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