New Listing Landing Pages: A Must Have for Lead Generation!

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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a website designed with a single purpose: To capture leads. To do this, a landing page drives the visitor to fill out a simple form.

The page delivers important information and a compelling call to action, along with action-oriented design principles, to encourage the visitor to submit their information. Finally, the page will advertise something in exchange for a form submission, such as a downloadable guide or special service.

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Why Should I use a Landing Page for My Listing?

Imagine that you’ve just been contracted to sell a home. Sure, you can post photos to social media or send out a just listed postcard, but how will you know who’s interested?

More and more, buyers prefer digital communication over picking up the phone. A landing page makes it easy to start the conversation.

With a landing page, you can display important information about the home in an easy to read way. Show off photos, provide details about the community, and display your expertise. If they want to learn more, visitors will get in touch!

Best of all, a landing page gives you total control over the content and presentation. Take ownership of your brand and services by creating a custom landing page today!

What Are Some Best Practices for Landing Page Design?

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  • Keep the Form Above the Fold
    “The fold” is an old newspaper term, but it has a similar meaning in web design: The form must be visible without having to scroll down the screen. If a visitor knows immediately that they want to learn more about your listing, make it easy for them!
  • Contrast is Key
    To make sure that your form and submit button stand out, choose a button color that is unique compared to the rest of the page. If the page is predominantly white and red, for example, a bright blue button would stand out best. If your form is primarily white, place it over a grey or dark background.
  • Use Bulleted Lists
    Make sure the information on your page is easy to understand. A bulleted list can be read quickly and easily, so they’re useful for visitors. If you’re showing off a listing, for example, list data such as square footage, school district, and lot size.
  • Offer a Reward
    When you build a landing page for a new listing, offer a carrot in exchange for filling out the form. For example, you can email interested visitors an EBook about the community. Or, you can send them a link to a video of the home.

How Can I Build a Landing Page?

Landing pages are made just like any other website, but a few specialized service providers make it easy. Below are a few examples:

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