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We’re offering new services and features!

For the past 3 years, we’ve built our business with the belief that the most successful and reputable local professionals and businesses earn their reputation from their professional relationships and business networks.

Take the real estate agent who generates 75%+ of their business from referrals. This agent adds value to clients long after the sales transaction. They stay top of mind by becoming a resource and connecting their clients with great local professionals and businesses homeowners need to manage, maintain, and renovate their new home.

We believe that local professionals and businesses who work together and establish local referral networks are more successful than their peers. And, they provide their clients with a superior, 360º, customer experience that does not end at a single transaction.

One of the key discoveries we’ve made is that digital content marketing provides incredible leverage. The professionals who leverage value-driven content are able to stay in front of more people. They can consistently showcase their value, spark new conversations, and generate more referrals.

To that end, I’m excited to announce that My Home Pro Network is refocusing its efforts to provide greater content marketing solutions and services to local professionals who share our belief in professional networking, local referral marketing, relationship-building, and fostering goodwill in their community.

Our new services

My Home Pro Network- an open software platform to curate and share your local professional network with clients. Designed for Real Estate Brokerages and Agents:

  • Easily Build & Manage your network of pros and businesses that buyers, sellers, and homeowners need.
  • Access Marketing Content to promote your network through social media and email marketing channels
  • Generate Leads & Referrals through forms, messages, and client interactions with your network.
  • Stay Top of Mind and always be a resource for your clients.
  • $19/mo

Pilot Digital- a full-service content marketing service to help local professionals develop and distribute value-driven content to their customer base and referral networks. Designed for all local professionals and businesses in real estate, banking/lending, and home service provider markets:

  • Custom eBooks and eZines
  • FAQ Guides, Tip Sheets, Best Practice eGuides
  • Ghostwriting Articles for Publication Managed Blogs
  • Email Marketing Automation and Templates
  • Social Media Content
  • Custom Landing Pages for lead capture
  • Other Digital Experiences

Over 95% of local professionals and small businesses will use content marketing in 2017. But, most will fail to realize any ROI on their time and money. Our mission is to support local professionals by giving them a turnkey solution for effective, efficient, and engaging content marketing and establish them as a value-added resource to their clientele and professional network.

If you believe in earning your reputation through your professional relationships, let’s work together!

Nicholas Pontacoloni
CEO and Cofounder

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