Your Network Score Explained

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Become the Most Connected Local Professional!

The Network Score is a measure local connectivity. The higher your network score, the more connected you are! We use a special algorithm to calculate the Network Scores of all our users.

Here are some ways to raise your network score:

  • Add pros in your network
  • Send and receive messages
  • Write and collect testimonials
  • Share your profile and the profiles of others
  • Drive traffic to your page

Each activity is weighted differently, of course. Receiving a testimonial, for example, raises your score more than writing one. That’s because we want to reward those Pros who are most respected and trusted by their peers.

What Does a High Network Score Do?

We use our network score to help visitors find the most connected local professionals. Here’s how it helps grow your business:

  • Brings you to the top of the search resutls
  • Let’s visitors know you’re well connected
  • May get you featured in local-focused emails!

Other Ways to Raise Your Network Score

Upgrading to a premium account makes it easier than ever to raise your network score, but that’s not the only way! Do you want help raising your network score? Below are a few tips:

  • Post your profile to social media
  • Include a profile link in your email signature
  • Request to join the networks of local professionals
  • Show your profile to clients and colleagues
  • Market your business to local professionals

The more you use My Home Pro Network, and the more consumers and other professionals contact you, the higher your network score becomes! Need a little more help? Send us an email at!

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