Phone Scripts for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents dread picking up the phone to make a cold call. I don’t blame them! Most phone scripts for real estate agents are little more than a baseless solicitation for leads, so it’s no wonder that many prospects are quick to end the conversation or simply don’t pick up the phone.

That’s why we decided to flip the script. Instead of calling and asking for favors, call and offer to help. These phone scripts are guaranteed to engage your contacts and start meaningful conversations.

That might seem like a shift—most scripts we see cut right to the chase and request a lead or listing. When you offer something of real value, though, you strengthen the relationship for the long-term and stay top of mind. After a while, your contacts will be calling you!

All of our scripts for real estate agents are free to use. They work best when backed up by My Home Pro Network software. If you don’t have a network yet, build one for free right now!

Help Your Clients get Their Biggest Tax Return

Homeownership has enormous affects on tax returns! Try these scripts to make sure your clients are prepared. It’s also a great chance to let prospects know about how much money they can save by owning their own home!

Invite Home Pros to Join Your Network

This script will help you engage service providers in your community. These Home Pros are the ones who will help support your clients when they buy or sell a home. But service providers need an agent, too! They’ll appreciate your confidence in their business, and they’ll return the favor.

Share Your Network with Past Clients

Your past clients are your future clients, too. That means its important to engage and support them as often as possible. With this script, let them know that you’ll support their homeownership needs. Add value and stay top of mind!

Rake in the Leads: Fall Phone Script

As the weather turns cooler, homeowners often focus on yardwork and preventative maintenance. Use this script to refer local professionals during September, October, and November.

Give Back on Thanksgiving

This holiday, say thank you by helping your clients connect with interior designers, cleaners, landscapers, caterers, and more. Soon enough, they’ll be calling back with thanks of their own!

Warm Calls for Cold Weather: Winter Scripts

Winter can test a home to its limits. Use these three scripts to help your clients get through the cold dark months of December, January, and February.

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